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L Square Construction - A Trusted General Contractors in Irvine, CA


Forget boring walls in your Irvine house. Our General Contractors in Irvine, CA will transform your ordinary house into an extraordinary space.

We, your local interior designers, are here to sprinkle magic onto your walls. We're not just your regular contractors in Irvine, CA. We're visionaries and trendsetters. We take your Pinterest boards and Instagram inspirations, and poof!

We believe your home is a reflection of your story. We're not just General Contractors in Irvine, CA; we're designers of refined living spaces, meticulously crafted to your unique vision. Whether you seek timeless beauty or sleek design, our team of designers and master craftsmen are here to bring your dream to life.

We will help you with

Bespoke Designs: We listen to your wants, understand your lifestyle, and craft a space that reflects your personality.


Forget outdated trends. We're trendsetters, constantly brewing up fresh, modern designs.

Stress-Free Remodeling

We handle everything, from sourcing materials to managing timelines. You just sit back, and watch your house transform into a masterpiece.

Quality Craftsmanship

Our team of skilled artisans breathes life into your vision with flawless execution, ensuring your home is as beautiful as it is durable.

Maintenance Services

Sit back and relax while we take care of the ongoing maintenance of your landscape. Our comprehensive maintenance services ensure that your outdoor space remains flourishing throughout the seasons.

We understand that a truly exceptional home goes beyond the surface. We create spaces that resonate with your wants, reflect your values, and nurture your well-being.

Ready to get started? Contact LS Contractors today for a free consultation! Call us at 9492323094

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